Kwantlen Governance Reform Committtee
Kwantlen Governance Reform Committtee
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A Committee of the Kwantlen People

Who are We?

The Committee of the Kwantlen People (CKP) is a fixed grouping of 6 people who come from different Kwantlen families, the group is equally divided between on-reserve and off-reserve members.

Most CKP members are anonymous. There is no leader of the committee, instead, the CKP develops strategy, and policy through consensus. The CKP exists only to develop this petition and see that its requests be implemented. It is our hope that this committee will dissolve on 22 March, 2019, when the band administration accepts the terms of the petition, and releases a letter outlining the path forward for change.

Should the band administration fail to make concessions on 22 March, the CKP will begin a wider-ranging campaign both on and off reserve at home, and away, in Ottawa to make change a reality.

Committee Members Available for Media / Community Inquiries

Brandon Gabriel - raised on reserve, Brandon is Kwantlen’s leading artist, and is well known in the community. He is currently based in Nanaimo and is doing on the ground outreach at home.

Robert Jago - raised off reserve, Robert has media experience and is a business owner. He is based in Montreal and is coordinating the committee’s efforts in Ottawa.

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About the Kwantlen First Nation

The Kwantlen First Nation is located in the Lower Mainland region of British Columbia, on the eastern edge of Metro Vancouver. Its principle reserve is on McMillan Island, next to Langley, BC. The Kwantlen are a Stó:lō people, an ethnicity which forms part of the wider Coast Salish culture. The First Nation has a total registered population of 299, with 72 band members resident on reserve.

The Kwantlen band government is a hereditary chieftainship, with no elected offices. The current chief, Marilyn Gabriel, has held her position since 1993.

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